The Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan: King of the Roadside Assistance Packages

Driving along the highway or in Orange, it seems the occurrence of stranded vehicles increases each year. Road hazards like potholes or slumping pavement lie hidden at night waiting to attack your wheels and tires immobilizing the car. Deep potholes can damage your suspension as well.

To combat these occurrences, get the Mopar Vehicle Protection plan with road hazard assistance. This one-of-a-kind protection plan allows you a $100 stipend to have your tires and wheels changed on site, get a tow, and have the tires replaced and the wheels repaired. To top it off, all you need to do is “sign and go.” Tow truck companies recognize the program throughout the country as a reliable and dependable emergency program.

Ask at Gateway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to build a contract for your vehicle so that you are covered by the king of the roadside assistance plans.



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